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Everyone loves TaZ? OMEGALUL
handball > football
Yep, but at least we got to a final and didn't crash out in groupstages kek
handball > football
Well this final wasn't fun :(
Morocco.. for obvious reasons
Novak Djokovic
Exactly, but he hasn't yet. When, and if, he does, he will be no.1
Novak Djokovic
20 Grand Slams > 15 Grand Slams. Simple.
Novak Djokovic
Federer is the GOAT, no doubt.
Football Manager
And i will buy the next game aswell probably. It used to be the same with fifa. So little improvement, but i kept buying it. Glad to say i haven't bought fifa in two years now. FM is just too close to...
Football Manager
I play it every year, get addicted to a save, then i eventually quit because the game isn't designed for you to go from lower-league to the top. Right now i'm playing champions league football with a ...
We will beat you in the final if you beat Sweden ;)
Best Post-Ramadan Food
Did you just confirm that you are gay? Saying i should be your wife? I'm a man. Homosexuality is a sin in Islam. You are getting stoned tomorrow my friend, because that's how your "religion of peace"...
Best Post-Ramadan Food
Cool. Remember to feed your wife that you keep in your basement.
YNK is overrated!
Worst part is this guy actually got nominated for coach of the year at the Esport awards or whatever the fuck it's called. MIBR literally did nothing that year
18 y.o SEX 18+
Its a small town people are gonna know about it. I know her sister kinda lol. Just feels awkward
18 y.o SEX 18+
Brother finland dont be like this..