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Sell Greenland
Trump should buy it and also Faroe Islands, and give it as a gift to Norway in good faith. Greenland and Faroe Islands are both rightful Norwegian soil that had been in norwegian hands for hundreds of...
Because it's a ridiculous statement.
Lmao did she really tweet that??
Most skilled game?
In terms of pure videogames (thus excluding chess), Starcraft is the hardest, not even a question about it. Most people quit Starcraft as soon as they see the amount of micro management involved.
/r/TheDonald quarantined
Reddit has become soft as fuck. Removing r/watchpeopledie, quarantine on r/theredpill and similar subs. The whole point of reddit was freedom of speech, but now everytime a sub gets negative media att...
Epsilon vs Nordavind
Why is cromen consistently underperforming..
Nordavind vs Stabæk Momentum
"Stabæk Momentum" Fyfaen for et ræva navn
so fucking deserved, trash song, jury loves Sweden
The juries are so fucking dumb
worst injury u had?
Never had any serious injuries, even though i've been quite active with sports and activities all my life. I think my most serious one was a twisted ankle lol, which is quite common. I also pretty muc...
avengers endgame
It will be insanely overrated like the rest of the marvel movies
Rate ass [18+]
Can easily tell that's a dude
Swedes come
Swedes come
AIK actually have the highest odds. But i read Norrkoping are really good at home and beat AIK 2-0 last season..
Lana Rhoades [+18]
Sad as fuck. She looked really good before any surgeries. Her lip-implants didn't ruin her though, it worked, but then she went completely insane and changed everything. I will never understand why w...