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FaZe Opener
Not everything needs to be cringe. Grow up.
FaZe Opener
That promo was actually hilarious "David Beckham"
30 mins to MAJOR FINAL! HYPE
Thank Mr HR
Wasted spot
bought rainbow6
Haha yeah exactly. The gameplay is just a bit too weird for me, especially the "peeking" around the corner and you just get tapped down instantly.
bought rainbow6
I find it fun to play from time to time, but i don't have the motivation to learn the maps, which seems to be really important, because the maps are clustered as fuck. You die pretty much in 0.2 secon...
18+ Girl coming here
inb4 she baits you and gets free pizza while you're gonna have to jerk off and cry yourself to sleep again
White people are you guys mad that
That's because whites don't reproduce like a bunch of monkeys overpopulating the planet with millions of useless specimen
Jerking off and occasional ONS from time to time > spending eternity dealing with women and their fucking problems
Richard Lewis admits to hookers
I mean, who cares, a fuck is a fuck. The girls in RLD in Amsterdam are pretty damn hot and it's legal there and pretty much a normal thing to do. Why not pay some to smash a hot chick you normally wou...
fuck, forgot about that xD
gf problem 3
How old are you guys? Here's the thing buddy, and i don't think it's going to please you. She is keeping you around because she likes the feeling of having someone to rely on and someone who is there...
+18 post pic of girls you would 1000% bang
Good, but please remove the nose-ring. Never have i ever understood why girls would think that's attractive.
Fucking done with this "major"
It's because most brazilians here are retarded and write stupid shit all the time. Are you new here? It's not about race, but i'm not surprised about the race-card though. You probably attend feminist...