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Been playing a lot of ESO lately. I think it's great.
Teacher Salary in your country
Depends on the degree and what country. In the US, teachers are not really paid well, but more and more countries have increased the status and salary of teachers. In Norway you are almost required no...
harassment on v-
If you're a famous "pro" and you use your normal nickname, you will either have your ass kissed or get harassed. I've been on the same and opposite team as pros, and it's always one way or the other. ...
Apeks vs Complexity
Why the fuck are unibet so slow at adding matches. I want to bet on this but they still haven’t posted the match.
Sweden never take action. They didn't during the war, and even helped the Germans for their own economical benefit, and they don't take action now that their country is being flooded with immigrants. ...
Nordavind vs Heroic
3v1 as CT. Yeah let's just stay all 3 on B and let niko walk unchallenged into A-site. Jesus christ, they actually get paid for this shit
Been trying out Valorant a few weeks. I have played CS since 2007. I think Valorant is fun, but it's not on the level of CSGO, and it probably never will be. But it's definitely going to get a player-...
Should 100Thieves go International
Fair enough. I am hoping for DIG to do well, but the results have been very dissapointing so far. Hope they will turn it around soon
Should 100Thieves go International
Good points. The main issue i think is that this 100Thieves lineup seems like they have really good chemistry on/off CS and i think it would be difficult to get the rest of the team to kick a player, ...
Riddle vs Bifrost
Cool team logos actually
ENCE vs Apeks
It would be so fun to see a norwegian team at an event again. Please :(
3kliksphilip GOAT
Indeed. The best youtube content creator are the ones who only post a video a month. You can tell their videos are quality over quantity. "Internet Historian" is a great example of this.