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Germany Hockey
It's a common saying, jesus christ.
Germany Hockey
Germanic Empire?
Germany Hockey
Don't be that guy...
Germany Hockey
I swear if you beat us at more golds this olympics because you win gold in hockey i won't even be mad xD
night shift m8
Thoughts on renegades
It will be interesting to see if they decide to make jkaem a permanent addition or not. From the interview with USTILO it seemed like they just randomly put down a few free-agent names and decided to ...
Do u like my watch
Yeah i prefer Seiko and orient. I really like the Seiko cocktail time versions. Such a nice dial.
Do u like my watch
Exactly. I've been thinking of getting an Orient Bambino, i like the style and colour of that one.
Do u like my watch
Orient is a great brand. For the price you are getting a lot of quality. Don't listen to people saying it's shit because it's not a rolex. Japanese watch brands are great, such as Seiko, Orient and C...
Interesting. However, if HLTV was to fall, it would be a massive bump in the road for the community and CS as a whole. I highly doubt valve and tournament organizer would want this to happen. Are the...
FaZe vs Renegades
rain and jkaem on the same server again! Hype.
Counter-Strike is a well established esport with millions in prize money. HLTV have almost a monopoly in csgo news, no competition at all. You're telling me they aren't able to secure enough money to ...
esport is not a sport
eh, i guess, depends a bit about what kind of boat you are competing with.