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Norway PogChamp
You're welcome
NiKo's Excuse
Probably that karrigan played like a turd and literally lost FaZe the tournament. Couldnt do shit all ct side on cache
rain or cold
Unfortunately rain didn't dominate in early 2017 so he won't be the best player of 2017
grill help
Honestly, HLTV is actually pretty great for this. You always get fast responses, and although 90% are people trolling, there are usually some good advice here
grill help
Update guys: Slightly dissapointing. We watched a scary movie, but nothing really happened between us though. She seemed very defensive, sat all the way in the corner of the couch etc. I sat next to h...
grill help
"you are not looking for the mother of your future sons" What if i am?
grill help
Yeah i wasn't really thinking of just "going for it" without any hints or signs from her to begin with. Once when i watched movie with a grill, i just rested my arm on the couch behind her, and she sl...
grill help
Good tip, thanks
SK will make changes
They JUST MADE CHANGES dumb fuck
Rain, ASIAN origins?
You're reading too much into it. Norway is known for producing amazing talents, and rain is just one of the bunch, Afaik he has stated in older interviews he is influenced by the old legends of norway...
Elon Musk
That wasn't what he said though
Good Singleplayer games?
Bioshock is a fucking masterpiece. Cheap on steam also
Remove 1 country from MM
I haven't matched with russians in a long time. Most toxic for me right now are brits. They are always so damn cocky and think they are superior because they speak english as a first language. Pisses ...
Did SK lose on purpose or NO?!
Yes sure they lost on purpose so they will play faze in the playoffs
Danish are true Vikings
Let's be friends, my norse brothers.