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[+18] r8 me
well then, as it is you remain pretty average
[+18] r8 me
get a buzzcut and a beard, fits your face average appearence but the details makes it better
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19 but embarrased
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guardian best but zero sexiest
McSkillet, what a sick fuck
Socialism in USA
I'm talking about socialism, why did you bring those to the discussion?
Socialism in USA
Market freedom, based on private ownership and production. Where everyone can start their own company, or get employed in any company, without state control or ownership.
Socialism in USA
Every country in Europe is capitalist. Having welfare is not being socialist. To socialism, state influence and state ownership is a big part, which may in the end lead to communism and dictatorship.
Socialism in USA
Never said so.
Socialism in USA
I never said so. I'm talking about the future, read it again.
Socialism in USA
There is a movement. Look at political views among the younger generations. That is the future they are facing.
Socialism in USA
I see. What is your observation on how the working- and middleclass is doing compared to before?
Socialism in USA
The US already has a higher corporate tax than scandinavia, which Bernie wants to make higher. This would be bad for business in Americ...
Socialism in USA
Probably not the US, as their dependency on imported goods drop. Why would they get hit harder than any other in your thoughts?
Socialism in USA
The tariffs are no more, though.