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Your birthday
Yes or not
I feel yesn't thank you
Your country neighbours you like the most
Netherlands 10/10 Belgium 5/10 Luxembourg 9/10 France 7/10 Switzerland 6/10 Austria 7/10 Czechia 8/10 Poland 6/10 Denmark 6/10
your biggest mistake
joining this forum
MGK vs Eminem
thats also promo and eminem would never ever take the risk just to get shot by P.Diddy
MGK vs Eminem
he said in the end he isnt serious about and that he "loves" him, so hes playing around
MGK vs Eminem
Promobeef at its finest -both in same recordlabel -mgk is signed under p.diddy -p.diddy and em are good friends both gained popularity so both won
I know, why u askin, wtf
I didnt participate in the Pickem Challenge this major, im not that interested in CSGO right now, maybe next major again
intel atom
Erdogan said : " If they have dollar...
My believe in this government is totally gone this dude got insane
why is red bull so expensive?
Since Monaco he has improved a lot and outdrives his teammate since then, yes he made mistakes but he learned from his past dont cry
Top 20 Teams, tiers?
you first talk about the top 20 as of 30th june and then say to me that other teams had decent placings, what do you want now? the hltv top 30 ranking has also form in factor so you cant say, "uuhhh ...
Top 20 Teams, tiers?
Top 5 = Tier 1 Top 6-15 = Tier 2 Top 16-30 = Tier 3
why is red bull so expensive?
Red Bull is expensive because of its popular brand, its the same like Apple, you get less/same in comparison to various other brands/products