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Fuck VP
poor russian just jealous bout great atmosphere and perfect fans
MY new pc
definately no need to buy that i7 6700k with this GPU, and i would recommend an i5 6600k here, lower price good overclocking potential, assuming with cpu u chose u can play with a 4k resolution but ur...
Virtus.pro vs Gambit
tier2 lan 50k for first place if virtus doesnt win it they are over
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
wtf dude they fucking owned fnatic there were no pressure?
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
idk what happened with astralis lol
lol dude my team were losing everything last 6 months also with tier3 shit teams, so why should i point their fails now when i see that they play way much better than before
lol i dont give a fuck im already proud of them since i thought they wont make it out of groupstage son, idk why but you brazilians became so arrogant since luminosity made it to the top5, its sad cau...
they didnt ? they playing against top1 team in the world and they won a map, when they were completely shit from like one year
ye over of this match, but they played well overall so
virtus solution
well are u really sure that rallen is worse than pasha? i dont think so. I would be glad if i could see just a little test, maybe take him for a week or two and see how it could work
virtus solution
+1 people would hate but its actually good idea i think
vp roster change?
yes yes bro
when they won something cause i think they won dubai 2314124 years ago
Your job
my job is university still studying
Kebab price in ur city/town/village
capital city of muslims so kebabs pretty cheap