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myXMG vs Playing Ducks
yeah everything they do is fishy as fuck
nV Youngest talented team in the world.
it is. he's saying to ignore online results which you are not doing
Highest skill games
+1 what about SC?
Best deaglers?
what the fuck? is that a troll?
Matchmaking is just depressing
Titan vs G2
I think u are right but I'm not counting on Smithzz anytime soon, I really hope he starts showing consistent skill that would be awesome
Are you toxic?
cl_mute_enemy_team 1 is so awesome. I can focus and ignore the enemy - before I used this I didn't realize how much effort/ distraction went into talking to the enemy team or paying attention to what ...
swag cs
i remember it in one of valves blog posts, possible one about esc or whoever the fuck being temporarily banned.... basically they said that the bans will be REVIEWED in 2016, not directly unbanned
Real top 3 IGL apparently
I mean that they should switch places
Real top 3 IGL apparently
what about Sean Gares, Zeus, and Gob b
Top 5 (Right now!)
why would nV be over Na'Vi? they're not even a team anymore and they were playing pretty below their level anyway.... no idea what you are saying
Skill level in 1.6 compared to now.
it's not really that comparable to 1.6 tagging. in csgo I feel I can get away from someone spraying me down too easily when I make a mistake in a duel
-fox +shox
am I wrong or did RL hint at something like this? I read that somewhere it's probably not true
What NA lineup would have a chance at winning majors? (x-ibp players allowed)
What NA lineup would have a chance at winning majors? (x-ibp players allowed)