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+57>+26 what is so hard to understand?
Greatest mind of all time
Tesla Einstein Da Vinci (no particular order)
First 1vs5 ace AMA
First 1vs5 ace AMA
The max rank i had was DMG, now i'm MG2. I am pretty noob cause i play just for fun and never try hard to improve :)
when we die
Create a smurf, start back from silver 1
Got Friendzoned AMA
If you have balls you should tell her that you love her and she should be with you instead. Grow some balls and do it!!!
Is this meant to be sarcastic??? He topfragged both bo3 yesterday and was MVP.
NiP questions
I wouldn't say that to be honest. First half of 2014 was good but they lost in Katowice. They began to struggle but then they won Cologne and everything seemed alright but it wasn't. After Cologne the...
NiP questions
They are not favourites but they have a bigger chance than last year. I would rank them top 4 now, after LG, Fnatic (with Olof) and Na'Vi
f0rest - Most fun player to watch!!
He also listens to metal so i enjoy his stream more from that :)
Top 5 right now
agree but fnatic without olof is not top 5 atm you have to take them out of the list
Most beautiful country in Europe?
How 1.6 > CS:Source?
I played 1.6, tried source for a short time, went back to 1.6, it just felt better.
NiP changes
I was expecting a good/average bait but this is actually sad...
I have to agree on this one. CS needs polished textures not this new crap. Nuke was one of me best maps, now it looks like shit to be honest