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team games suck
Only LOW IQ people commits suicide
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drank too much red bull and cant stay still
conspiracy vs XXX
+750 anime completed FeelsGoodMan
thank god he was too retarded to realise you can just keep replying if you reply to an earlier post like you did after it gets fucked up by hltv's 2005 tier formatting, i was fucking praying he doesn'...
+750 anime completed FeelsGoodMan
nice comeback you really got me there dude took you 2 hours to think that up?
+750 anime completed FeelsGoodMan
only a double digit iq gypsy like yourself could believe repeating banal insults on a csgo forum is a good way to "help" , still 0 arguments about why anime was bad after 100 posts btw
+750 anime completed FeelsGoodMan
repeating the same line for 20 posts in a row doesnt change or help your situation at all im afraid
+750 anime completed FeelsGoodMan
thanks for letting me find out how the mind of a double digit iq person operates, but i already knew im way better than you in any describable way 50 posts ago
+750 anime completed FeelsGoodMan
wow you got drunk a lot good for you you really achieved a lot as i can see, really something to be brag about, should have stayed in school and maybe you wouldn't be so clueless about everything then
+750 anime completed FeelsGoodMan
this projecting is getting really sad when it comes from someone who already wasted all his youth on being a slave for 400 eur a month
+750 anime completed FeelsGoodMan
try to cope, wouldn't want you to get depressed about the reality here and start missing work and have to starve
+750 anime completed FeelsGoodMan
lmao i bought real estate and live off of rent people pay so i doubt that, i wonder what skills you have lmfao
im not sleeping