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Searching for a coach.
ty , we are searching on Reddit in the same time.
Countries with the best History world wide
not really
True Islam
give me that verse please?
is college worth it ?
the only 3rd thing here is your brain.
is college worth it ?
well you cant clearly become on of them if you dont believe so and dont have a plan.
is college worth it ?
and there are much more cases of not dropping out of school and becoming regular person who just works for somebody who did drop out of school.
is college worth it ?
yeah but he didnt study about electric cars, rocket science or solar energy in college.
is college worth it ?
he is right actually if you look at Elon musk he learned rocket science and on his own and look how rich is he right now.
no hate islam
sharia law should be enforced only in countries ruled by Islam or the majority are Muslims, but for example i cant go live in uk and enforce the sharia law there.
you are wrong bro, Jihad is defending yourself against someone already attacking you, killing innocent people will get you in hell.
you cant take a verse out of its context some verses are talking about specific events plus the original words are in Arabic and its complex to translate it to another language while giving the real m...
or maybe they just are peaceful ?
wtf are you on ? there is more than 1.5billion Muslim imagine if most of them were bad.
shox hacking
well i think ex6tenz from the other way didnt see snax so the obvious place snax would be in is where shox redirected his crosshair.
Best History
do you even history ?