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Prodigy vs Imperial
hahahahah fucking Brazilian CS:P Loosing 4vs2 VS a guy with 11 and 19 hp :p Classic!
Prodigy vs Imperial
They will play the rest of the match offline because of Ddos... Prodigy tweeted it :)
Liquid vs 100 Thieves
AZR is legit the worst IGL in like top 15teams.. He is getting outstrated by EVERY fucking team.. I really think they should search for a REAL igl..
expert vs unknown
That this throwers are still allowed to play officials just tells you everything about the CS scene...
This guys are making mistakes that fucking bots are not making , so bad CS to watch , is fucking insane:p
Wind and Rain vs Movistar Riders
Even Ibuypower didnt even make it this obvious.. Jesus christ..
TeamOne vs Luminosity
They KNOW they have no utility , but lets just give them a free site, sometimes I even wonder how dumb some of these players are...
Virtue vs Yeah
They have 0 nades in the last round while the T side has full utilty and guns, BUT OKEY, lets push the smoke when its 1.30 left on the round :p Cant believie some of these guys actually lived in the S...
fnatic Academy vs eXtatus
I wonder how many dicks Monty and Devil have to suck each month to stay on this team..
Corvidae vs Dark Sided
Well I guess the teams that can "only" play the 11k tournemants...
Corvidae vs Dark Sided
The worst part is that actually Darkside had a big bootcamp before this tournemant :p I mean , how fucking bad can you get?
fnatic vs mousesports
2 rounds that Fnatic wins are with CZ , just push B :p Its a balanced game, no need to do something Valve... You brainwashed deadfucks...
NRG vs Liquid
Naf is a fucking retard! I have a molly , and its 10seconds left, NAAAH ,im just gonna take the fight...
Cloud9 vs NRG
haha , bunch of fucking trash , when Daps is getting a 2vs4 then you should consider retiring :p
Envy vs Space Soldiers
Kio is a breaindead fuck all the way! I really can understand how EVERY team has let him go! He plays for himself , and not for the team...