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And as long as the system wins for your team than having one of your mentioned players, we just can't speak of any of those guys as "the greatest ever". If they were so great, they would win, but they...
Yes, hence why they will go down as their times "superstars" but not all timers. All those you listed are overrated and earned their fame as great league players. But we try to distinguish gods from...
W.O.R.L.D C.U.P No league bullshit buying off all the talent on the market. WORLD CUP Your nations best against rest of the worlds best. That's the epitome and ergo the most important trophy to hav...
Pele -> lead team to 3 WC Maradona -> 1 WC, nearly two (although I give you that he is a cheating cunt) Matthäus -> one of the best, if not the best, liberos of all time, led his team to the troph...
See my reasoning above and gtfo with that kiddie accusation. As for your actual point: Maybe they play flashy, but they can't be considered the greatest when they couldn't hoist the WC trophy over th...
I followed football mainly in the 90's and listed only players I've seen live. But yeah, there were some other all time greats my friend.
fxy0 say JW cheats
The fuck. I don't sing with the frogs besides in OoT, so translation pls.
Dhw Cheaters Have The Balls
CS:GO horrible performance R9 270 & FX6300 low gpu usage
Yeah I had my fps halved somehow. Running on very low ingame specs and got a comparable setup to yours. Dont know what the shit is wrong :/
Love my home country. Nazarbajew isn't doing it any good tho - times will be good when dictatorship ends.
VACation jokes
VACmania: United Forever
The Cheating Witch-hunt (Thorin's Thoughts)
This guy is just too full of himself/ out there for the clicks. The shit he talks about has the same basis as the average hltv thread.
Name my knife :D
VACations in the Fall, gomenasai
Scream ain't happy with KQLY ban
AHAHAH +1 man
The Cheating Witch-hunt (Thorin's Thoughts)
haha loving it.