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Truth About Muslims
that's such an obvious b8
3 drops in 1 major!
I got 4 drops this major. 2 of them cbble. :)
Dude you're saying I'm the one who cannot argue because I'm a fanboy and you're the one just spouting out speculations as if they were facts. The fact is that the treatment was authorised by the Tenni...
Did you even read the article or you just read the headline? It clearly says it was authorised for a treatment. How sad can you be to turn a treatment of an injury to a drug abuse. It even says while ...
Hahahaha I like that you think you know what you're talking about. You are talking about "rumours" "hair lost" (a lot of men lose their hair), "accusations from other players". You sound like a smarta...
lmao nice b8 noflagger
He's a true legend. I'm so happy for him. Also sad for Nadal :(
expected from brazil
Real Madrid
Okay it is true that Barcelona's chances were very clear (Neymar and Messi ones) But Madrid at the end was the one approaching Barcelona's area more. (more corners, more shots on goal, more shots over...
Real Madrid
You can have 55% of possession and shoot 2 times to the goal ;) Look I'm not saying Madrid deserved to win, but I think the draw was fair.
Real Madrid
Real Madrid and the Refs
Yeah I will go now and read Sport or Mundo deportivo. Sure they will be less biased.
Real Madrid and the Refs
Yeah when the ball first bounces off Carvajal's body... Totally involuntary, not penalty
Real Madrid and the Refs
Are you actually baiting? I'm not going to explain how football works to you :)
Real Madrid;0