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[+18] best ass
nop she is just like that, a mix between surfboard and get-right
porn = reality?
isn't an ogre the full package deal? Fat and ugly face? if its just fat we call it a bazzolak here xD
pick woman
+1 best solution
What the actual fuck, Sweden?
They don't want to be objetified so to show strength they behave like wild animals. It makes alot of sense
What the actual fuck, Sweden?
Idk of it really had an impact on Sweden or not. But from only watching the video I actually can't tell wtf is going on. If you didn't explain it somewhat I would literally classify this as mental il...
frankie.... and uk girls in general
Nothing is worse then Thailand cuz even if she is a worldie she might still have a dick
frankie.... and uk girls in general
Less of a flower more like a tree stump.
frankie.... and uk girls in general
Yes that's why there is always a good pint around the corner in UK
[18+] sex without condom?
Name checks out
frankie.... and uk girls in general
Let it burn Way to go Master
[18+] sex without condom?
That's why he is asking the community. If we all do our research properly there is no need to get real life experience on the matter
[18+] sex without condom?
Maybe you have low sensitivity in ur ass. how many swipes till the end of mousepad? Also dpi?
[18+] sex without condom?
That's Italian my dude. We say "puta que te pariu"
idk what you are m8 but if you have trouble with tapping the usp then you need more aim training, that s1mple
AUG ..
u can do that with ak as well and you also have one tap to the head potencial. so aug vs ak is balanced imo. you shouldn't really be getting many aug vs m4 duels. ofc m4 would lose 9/10 times