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PC game 2019
i don't think it will better than the first dishonored, the surprise and style of the scenarios were what captivated me inthe first one. I think they focused more on the gameplay now, to add new mecha...
PC game 2019
did u try the outer worlds? I'm also currently playing dishonored2 and monster hunte
Xiaomi come
Mi9T with miui11 works great so far.
Xiaomi come
nt but xiaomi phones are the only ones that last more than 3y in my hands. Last apple i bought lasted me 6months Trash overpriced product
leftist soyboys
Most on hltv are brainless retards doing what they can to bait and get a rise out of people. Also most of hltv doesn't even start to comprehend politics let alone political views, so as soon as they s...
leftist soyboys
only facist right wingers think that other political veiws and opinions are bad.
bcuz people used to care about freedom and nowadays they don't that why we still have walls. Besides, belin wall was dividing the same country, same people, same belives and culture. The palestine wal...
R8 Pizza
wtf do you also have pineapple under all that corn?
AoE II: Definitive Edition
flair and flag check out
Its an update to force you to buy another graphics card.
r8 grill I saw in subway train
he used "yieks" like an adult but nt kiddo
Do you smoke marijuana
It makes me so chill that my reaction time is like triple the usual. I don't even have time to panic cuz im dead before realising it
KSI vs Logan Paul
If its what everyone does than its not smart, cuz its proven that 70% of the people on earth have less than 90iq
KSI vs Logan Paul
no i don't and as such i won't
"ok boomer"
you know this is in relation to a generation, from 1946 to 1964. i agree its especially stupid but if you ever get to discussing with people of this generation (and are not a kid ofc) older people spe...