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Yes Iceland has internet.

I have been blessed by martin
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s1mple fans come here
But never nr 1... he is consistent but he will never be the best
Ban dispute with johnathan E
I was backing you up...
Ban dispute with johnathan E
Seems like you are the person who constantly replies.
Jamppi - V$M = Cheaters
Is it like that in finland???? Cus over here you can be uneducated and dumb as fuck but still work at sea and make more than 10k a month.
Jamppi - V$M = Cheaters
I've actually never worked in construction but construction workers make more money here than most office workers.
Jamppi - V$M = Cheaters
Seems like ur life is already ruined if that is how shit works where u live.
Jamppi - V$M = Cheaters
companies don't give a flying fuck what grades you got in school... Companies care about ur experience in the job they are hiring for. So no grades dont really bring u any advantage.
Billie Eilish
Lmao imagine saying a song is caked with auto-tune when there is no auto tune in the song... Do you even know what auto tune is???
s1mple MVP-play of the year
What talents? Any player who is able to listen to their igl and do what they are told to do which is literally just holding angles 90% of the time and having support ready for you if you somehow fuck ...
s1mple MVP-play of the year
You could never say s1mple costed them the entire event... What about boombl4 who jumps for no reason or electronic not repositioning even tho he knows nitro is coming from ct. Obviously it was a stup...
s1mple MVP-play of the year
He isn't wrong tho.... You could take device out of the team and replace him with msl and the team would still be the best but as soon as you take someone like magisk or glaive out the team would defi...
s1mple MVP-play of the year
They still go to the semi final and liquid beat them again so it doesn't really change much.
s1mple >zywoo, proof
Online matches change nothing... zywoo had 119 big event matches and s1mple had 100
undeserved s1mple
You are obviously a device fanboy.... S1mple has a better rating against almost all tier 1 teams except for liquid. You can try to bullshit all you want but at the end of the day it doesn't matter sin...