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HLTV Blogs
Thank you for the update. Writing for the community and reading the pieces written by others were two of my favorite things about HLTV.
HLTV Blogs
I found that I can still visit them if I have a direct link but I can't figure out a way to access them from the site. That might have changed since the last time I tried.
HEN1 next to be kicked
Prove it or I'll kill you
Usa and canda
lol i edited that part out cause it was my personal opinion if anyone was wondering: "Honestly I wouldn't mind combining the two countries into 60 states/provinces, but I don't think Canada would wa...
Usa and canda
Like, mostly. Lots of jokes and criticisms but little genuine hate.
July 16-23
r8 my home screen (and post yours)
what city m8?
Doesn't it mean "son?"
I'm from future
Any big sports upsets I can bet on? Any stocks that will drastically increase in value? Is it illegal to ask a time traveler questions like this?
Modern Society
Not really seeing the problem here
Your main game before csgo and why
Nothing really. I played a lot of games but none of them really grabbed my attention until CS:GO.
EU Asleep
Public transportation. In NA it's difficult to live without a car unless you live in New York City or San Francisco, both of which are expensive as hell. It's not that I hate cars, but given the optio...
I typed out a long keyboard buying guide and I got a "Your reply was not posted, reason: You very recently signed up, wait a bit and try again." I've had this account for literal years. Anyway, I'll t...
nice salary))
thank mr f0rest
DAMN. Tracklist and Album cover art
had it open last night and it was still there when I woke up haha