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I'm the master of P90. Much like if you wanted to learn Kung Fu you'd ask a chinese grand master for training, if you wish to achieve true mastery of the P90 come to me, and I will guide you through a brighter path where ak/m4 users rage and cry and your matchmaking rank soars to perilous heights.


I also used to be a P90 abuser. I'll admit the first weeks was pure heaven, but as I ventured deeper into the ranks I noticed I had to use the P90 every day or I'd get sick. Last month I used 1 week on 1 week off, but towards the end of the month i just kept using it everyday...They fired me at work, my girlfriend left me and my father wanted me to kill myself because my mother had been so embarrassed over me when she found out. I've been in and out of rehabs for P90 abuse the last few days and as soon as i stop thinking about it no matter what i do i just wanna buy a p90 again EVERY game.

Its an evil circle. If you're curious about P90 read about it online, but STAY AWAY from it. It cost me my life. If you want to get nice frags just use a ak or m4 or even an AWP!! BUt for the love of god stay away from P90 because when you open that door it will never close...

- towlie69, HLTV.org user

I can't stand it! MM playing against 5 people using P90/
I can't shoot them back cause I'm quite lagging and stuttering.
they just pop out and give me instant headshot while moving like a mad man

- yoztpertra, HLTV.org VIP
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