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Arizer Extreme Q Thinking of buying the VapeXhale Cloud EVO
DESPE banned for cheating
you're right, there's no evidence that xantares or calyx cheated. my comment was just a general observation about the pro scene. if you have a competition with the 10 best runners around the world an...
DESPE banned for cheating
if despe was worse than them and he still cheated, doesn't that make it even more likely that xantares & calyx cheat as well ...? or are they somehow so naturally talented in this game that they are b...
Well, it's entirely possible for a team to be in a final without being the second best team. That's just how tournaments work, you can see why if you apply some basic math (let's assume the favorite h...
"Liquid was the second best team in this event" Nope. Just look how the grand final is going. The skill difference between the teams is nowhere that big, Liquid is just falling apart mentally. That's...
good drugs
some preparations have apap mixed with codeine, there is a possibility for some serious damage from just a single use if you drink heavily
native 480hz monitor
60hz = very bad 75hz = bad 120hz = good 144hz = very good 144hz + = marketing gimmick
100 € on g2
We will see but I beg to differ. Gambit won the major recently and that didn't stop North. NBK is the only one from G2 with multiple major wins and the most recent major win from anyone in G2 was in 2...
ok, i believe. you have good opinions. well, not everyone does crazy shit in public and harass others. most do not. but it's a reasonable opinion. as i said, dutch = chill country
1) r u sure? 2) r u fakeflag? i think dutch people are chill with drugs. not everyone. but most people are chill if you act reasonably.
faceit queue closed
yes but it should work already... cocaine peaks in like 30-40mins so its already pretty hurry... but not a surprise faceit fucks it up... here i go another line
faceit queue closed
it is taking soooooo long...
faceit queue closed
its ok m8 i dont think anyone knows... np anyway :)
faceit queue closed
ok ty how long wait?