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most hated cs players of all time?
ya konfigs a cunt
most hated cs players of all time?
ya JW. I love him now but so many hated him after the 2013 DH vs NiP incident
Do u have a car
Skoda Fabia 2007 1.2
“SK TIER 1” -sheep
Same goes for everyone else that has misunderstood? I already said I agree, just we both had a different way of explaining it. Baiting being conceived usually of someone baiting a teammate to not t...
“SK TIER 1” -sheep
That's my point, so your original thread was SO hard to comprehend you had to explain it to everyone reading it. Hence why we are currently having this conversation. I won't lie to you I don't usual...
“SK TIER 1” -sheep
You've had to explain yourself five times, I'm sure that tells you enough no? Best of luck making threads in the future x
“SK TIER 1” -sheep
Your lack of comprehension of most replies to you seems to be your main issue here bud. I'm glad you agree good on you. However as you can tell most here think what you said was written to reflect...
“SK TIER 1” -sheep
There's a difference between baiting and trading. Baiting isn't elaborating on a Sacrifice or duel. Please don't think the way you do. This is why pugs are so cancer. You need selflessness to win g...
How to not tilt in CS
Broke up with GF
We had our differences, she's had her own personal problems we started disconnecting. We had a really tough shit 2 years constant arguing I was being an asshole. I regret being the way I was now. Bu...
Broke up with GF
I'm there my dude 6 years. Doesn't feel good
Broke up with GF
Broke up with GF
I just broke up with girl of 6 years. It hurts like shit I regret so much but googling situations of this happening to other people and knowing others feel it and are going through it too genuinely ma...