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GG Germanistan
Absolutly disgusting! Get the fuck out of their country rats.
i sex'ed kennyS
That french fuck is begging to be punched in the face and that norwegian TRAITOR whores Should be gang banged to deaTH! fUCK You!
Lurppis rekt NiP.
Look. In the early cs:go days NiP dominated because there was no competition and they had three cs stars, Forest, Get Rigtht and Xizt. The problem was/is Fifflaren and Friberg. They are decent but ...
NiP vs E-frag.net
So you live in a country that takes in loads of immigrants from MENA cultures and want to move to a country that does not! What do you want to do in Denmark? Propagate the politics of germany that ...
NiP pls
I saw the stream with my own eyes mate and heard it loud and clear. He csaid he was did not want to play with nip and that he had in fact been asked to join for 2016 and said NO.
NiP pls
Twist and Maikelele supposedly declined them, same with Pronax and Allu left, he did not want to continue with NiP. So who what should they have done?
Expected by cowardly social justice warriors retards. Acting tough against people the establishment allows them to act tough against. But when muslims mass harass women these pussies dont dare to say...
Anit immigration party(read anti-arab party) almost 30% in opinion polls. What about your Germany? Say hello to your mom and sister getting harrased at Köln.
Hohoho, Go get fcked up the arse by arabs you dirty cunt!
Finland is joke
Since a long time! [BOLD]¨HLTV forum[/BOLD]: Counter-Strike 1.6 Discussions or questions regarding Counter-Strike 1.6 Counter-Strike Global Offensive Discussions and questions regarding Cou...
Finland is joke
Stop and dont make hockey threads under [BOLD]Counter-Strike Global Offensive[/BOLD] forum.
friberg blaming allu
Sounds like complete BS.
Women cant play CS?
No shit? I wonder what my 20cm stock for a dick would have been?
Women cant play CS?
Oh yeah, there will always be exceptions to the rule, so do not bother linking one good female player.