que mucho mi amigo ?
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Splyce > C9
"say" in your language
yes, por favor
"say" in your language
reported to the authorities, merkel will be soon at your house to pick you up. intolerism is not tolerated in germany
ugliest language?
hungarian, arabic, romanian, portugese
thought it was bait but when i looked at name i realized it was genuine autism
there is no ''NA hope'' as long as steel, dazed, azk and swag remain banned
oskar had 6 aimlocks :)
Confirmed retard, comprehension level of an 8 year old.
oskar had 6 aimlocks :)
Ofcourse not you idiot, just thought it was funny him naming an armstrong and conspiracy theories in an e-sports forum
oskar had 6 aimlocks :)
Emilio got caught in CSGO KQLY got caught in CSGO cLy got caught in CSGO Flex got caught in CSGO SF got caught in CSGO your point ?
oskar had 6 aimlocks :)
Since you're obviously too naive to reason with in text, here's something for you to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_rUvnuOWBc Try to comprehend the situation and what he is explaining.
oskar had 6 aimlocks :)
talking about sports and a certain guy named armstrong, didnt he get caught having cheated his way to 7+ tour de france titles ? stop being so fucking naive
oskar had 6 aimlocks :)
looking for a good deal myself ? LOL I've been using source engine cheats longer than you have had your PC. There even is a certain ''public'' one which hasn't been detected for over 2 years. Says...
oskar had 6 aimlocks :)
Even Iniuria had simple stuff like this, which is just a $20/month subscription, do you really think private cheats are not capable of this and far more ? or are you just being naive again ?
oskar had 6 aimlocks :)
Not necessarily, you can completely customize the FOV and depth of most advanced cheats, for example you can have your aimkey lock onto a target ONLY if you are already aiming at said target.