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Major winner
this lineup did exist before and did win the most titles so far out of the lumi/sk/mibr-era so thats why im pretty sure they will do fine! ;)
French scene shuffle
i dont see ZywOo i dont see kennyS i smell bait you cant talk about a "superteam" and dont add the obv best 2 players from france :D you have to go with the time and ZywOo is gettin better and bette...
Major winner
Astralis 40%, Liquid 35%, mibr 20%, NaVi 5% Astralis of course is the hot hand to go with but i think since the trade for stewie i like Liquid more and more because they are back to full english now ...
Mouz situation
+frozen seems really realistic but i dont think +karrigan more like faze choke incoming in this major and they bring back karrigan because he is still under contract and they realize he was never the ...
McSkillet dead?
i mean seriously i cant really believe that it was an accident by him who the fuck drives on the wrong way when its daylight Oo it must be drugs or some suicide that caused others live as well that di...
Superteams 2.0
i see at least 5 players on your list that are older then him ;D
Superteams 2.0
oskar to bad for czech superteam? :P or you didnt know he is from czech republic? get your facts right!!!
Top 5 races
Blood elf / Night elf
Fix SK
-FalleN 1st Half +FalleN 2nd Half EZ FIX :D
Pasha 40k viewers
he has always over 20k Viewers... i would say he has now just over 40k because he is playing with Olof ;)
Sparta Praha
they will easy turn this ;)
Georgia vs Croatia
why is he banned then? :)
"silver to global"
Aim is 90% made my day :D hahaha never heard so much bullshit :P yeah thats why we won a map with plan-B against SK in 2006 cause their aim wasnt better HAHAHA... aim is just the first thing you need ...
Georgia vs Croatia
no hacker = no win
Georgia vs Croatia
cause he has vac ban... was cheating way to hard in the games from 2015 if you didnt watch ;) ez croatia