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Turks Protest Fascist Netherlands
holy shit turks thinks every1 is their enemy,kurds will be free soon from turgay..erdogan such a pussy and mongols keep voting him and cheer for him...m o n g o l s
Turkey are terrorist sympathisers
they will be eliminated soon man,countries such as germany u.s. etc etc waiting for 1 more big mistake from erdogan to destroy turkey economically 1st of all and later with other effects...
jkaem and taz
navi players rely on their aim then bro?i mean they always waste almost all the time per round which means they are playing tactically...i mean he shouldnt just say anything about them,cause everyone ...
jkaem and taz
ahh,they r always salty whatever the situation is :P
jkaem and taz
no salt in this thread and you say "taz is a 30y old manchild who cant read" kek then
virtus pro
vp and nip are the only teams that haven't made big vp and nip biggest csgo teams so far...fnatic splitted,sk fresh team,g2 new team also
Dear russians
Russian hooligans crushing the english drunk ppl everywhere..feelsgoodman
new SK.SWE
VP needs Michu and szpero
if vp make roster changes Is dead..maybe kubenhas to try something different cause he is sleeping
Maniac left nV
whats actually going on?is he still coaching or he left the team?
nV is back boys
baguettes won against a new team=gg we are top1 team again..kek
ofc he did nothing wrong..he drops guns for the hole team he is such a friendly player dude
well we ll see..i stil think navi will win this..
turkish citizenship database hacked XDDDDD
you mean Kurdistan..cause Kurdish people is fighting Turkish army in their country xD
so you want to tell me that they risk the hole tournament and when they rich the final they execute every team they find on their road..kek man