» Sensitivity: 6/11 Windows, 800 DPI, 1.1 Ingame Sense
» Resolution: 1920x1080
» Graphics: All Lowest
» Left handed models.



» CPU : Intel i7 2700k (4.5 GHz)
» Watercooling : Corsair H100i
» RAM : 8 GB 1866mhz
» Videocard : XFX Radeon HD7950 (1050 Mhz)
» Storage : Intel SSD 128 gb / 2tb HDD
» Motherboard : ASUS P8Z77-V PRO
» Mouse : Steelseries Rival
» Headset : Corsair Vengeance 2100
» Keyboard : Xtrfy XG1-R
» Monitor : 2 x AOC 24" LED e2462Vwh
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Argentina vs Chile
he still makes shots even tier 1 players wont make. Prefiring people running around corners etc. If I saw that on overwatch, I would call WH. Definitely seemed like he toggled in the match against Chi...
Argentina vs Chile
After watching some of his shots through smokes etc in this game, I actually believe you. Some of his shots are just too good to be true.
Sadokist just said Gplay>nV expected?
I was actually saying to my friends that gplay had a huge chance to upset envy. :) I just had the gut feeling it would happen since gplay actually plays pretty good every now and then. Probably the te...
Hacker [Video]
it's actually just a kind of work in progress that I never finished. But you can download it here:
Hacker [Video]
Hacker [Video]
Yeah... skill in russia is hacking! :) or was that germany? France?
Hacker [Video]
Report him!
Hacker [Video]
I think he was baiting! :p
Hacker [Video]
Upping this one!
Hacker caught on tape!
Let's hope so.
Hacker caught on tape!
it's locked to 60fps when I recoreded the demo with fraps. Got about 200 on every map without fraps.
Hacker caught on tape!
upping again. Sent ticket to steam support. They were full premade team and he claimed he had "overwatch bypass" too and stuff. He said 1 win = 1 key.
Hacker caught on tape!
The guy said he was boosting. He offered 1 win for 1 key. And after the game, one of the guys admitted to being GN. This was at LE/DMG rank.
Hacker caught on tape!
How do you know it's not a GoPro?
Hacker caught on tape!
hahahah... i liked that one, lolazzz112! xD