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60 FPS 300$ computer.
hahahaha ^
keyboards,mouses used by proffesional players
The people bashing this post are ridiculously stupid. He asked for the EQUIPMENT of the pro's which I think is a good question because the pro's are obviously gonna use some of the best equipment in t...
Flusha still strong, haters still wrong
.... you started a sentence with the word and, yet you know English better than Americans?
Yes Moe cheated, apparently in some kind of ESEA PUG or something. However, he hasn't been VAC banned so he can still compete in majors (If he was ever good enough) he's a solid player that isn't top ...
Donations to save Thoorin
We do understand. There's a reason Chicago is referred to as Chiraq. I've heard it's hard out there for a pimp.
best igl
Titans t side is the best because they have kenny and apex to hit ridiculous opening frags to open up sites for them.
Top 10 teams in CSGO
It's not like Titan have been on a terror after that 1 event they won. Where would you place Nip?
Top 10 teams in CSGO
Titan have had one great showing and that was when the entire team was refusing to miss even one shot. I think NIP will have better placings than Titan in future events, with or without Maikelele and ...
Do u smoke?
Marlboro 27's They taste like cancer if cancer was delicious.
Do u smoke?
Top 10 teams in CSGO
1. Fnatic 2. LDLC 3. 4. Dignitas 5. NaVi 6. NIP 7. Titan 8. Cloud9 9. HellRaisers 10. Old IBP
Did "smn" cheat here? 5 HS ace
Maybe I'm just so bad with it that the inconsistencies make me good, but I think it's pretty accurate. It's not like he's using a deagle.
Did "smn" cheat here? 5 HS ace
uhhhhh +1 if this is true. haha
Motar, if u read this, thats enough for me.
Toughest and most complex FPS in the world and we have 12 year old's begging rich people for skins like we're playing COD or something. Pathetic. This kid probably can't even go positive with his AWP ...