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Volve lack of communication depressing.
Guys... Valve can't ban a blatant booster and cheater like Broly (busted again and again), do you really think they care about cleaning up the game?
Volve lack of communication depressing.
I started as Silver I, so I can speak by experience: if you are a Silver II it's only your fault. Don't blame teammates (even if they deserve it), just practice, practice, practice.
stop with this already
After years of "LAN proven" bullshit this is the result.
Acceptable behavior from Tenzki?
He behaves like that because he knows that his rivals are a bunch of nerds who wouldn't hurt a fly. In every other context a skinny short guy like him wouldn't say a word.
whole fnatic team cheating
They don't need a deal. Valve itself knows that a disqualification of Fnatic from DHW will result in a huge image damage and probably an economic loss. It's called conflict of interest, it's not a ...
Future of CSGO !
Valve is not going to commit suicide.
The VACuum cleaner!
No one will be the next. Valve simply doesn't have any interest in banning more pro players a week before DHW. Can you imagine DHW without Fnatic and LDLC or Cloud9 and Virtus.Pro (just examples)?...
1v5 AWP Ace - Trapped in T spawn
A 48 second video is not enough to judge a player. Anyway I know by experience that a player who reached SEM solo queueing will easily rank up to novas with a good team and never derank if he starts...
zues hates black skinned people
Like I care
ms 3.0 user forever what new mouse should I switch too?
My grilfriend cried
I'm happy for you, man, but songs these day are so gay...
My crush question :v
"I ve been texting with for 2 weeks [...] didn t ask her for date yet" What the fuck did you write to her in two weeks? Stop fucking around
How often can we do misions from Vanguard?
Pasha trolling americans :)
No it's not