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I am a passionate player of CSGO ( I play CS since 1.1). I love computers, cars and sports. In sport, especially rugby that I play at the highest level in our country and I love boxing.
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j's on my feet
I be rockin' J's or I be rockin' Taylors I got lots of flavors, my kick game is major More kicks than the players, call me up I'm scorin' Hit it like a free throw, tongue out like I'm Jordan Smil...
16-0 [*]
16-0 [*]
Ex6TenZ giving us a hint ?
I MISS VG !!!!!!!!!!
flusha continues mouse lifting forever?
Its a difference between MM players whos are catched in a month and a profesional player who has been watching by all over the world fans of csgo... In that high level i dont believe that somebody is ...
flusha continues mouse lifting forever?
29 scenes of flushas playing style is not a proof ;-) Maybe there were strange moves, but still you dont have any acceptable proof to BAN him.. So if it was cheating he would get BAN.. But he doesnt.....
Flusha proves innocence
flusha continues mouse lifting forever?
STOP THIS THREADS about [BOLD]false accusation[/BOLD]!!! You have no proof so shut up once and for all!!!
ROFL !!!!!!
What is your dream CS:GO team?
Happy - IGL Guardian - AWP NBK f0rest flusha All time CS dream cArn, GTR, ex6tenZ, NEO, markeloff
If 1000 fps , post ur specs
+1 ! Intel Q9550, GTS 250, 4GB RAM -> 130-230 FPS
If 1000 fps , post ur specs
1000 fps ? :-D
+1 !!!! For the CS:GO community and for the whole CS:GO... Best option, because they show some respect to all of us who are watching and playing this game. And now they can go to another LAN to show u...
Console font size after last update
From matchmaking server or from public/DM ?