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You're mad that I never read replies to my posts and that I didn't see that perfect comeback it took you an hour to come up with.

So you're visiting my profile because I pissed you off...without even directly talking to you. Now you're about to rage in my guestbook, a.k.a. my "Wall-of-Butthurt" :)
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Your country biggest mistake
america: ended slavery
most hated country HLTV ?
btw, how's the radiation levels in nagasaki and hiroshima? xD
most hated country HLTV ?
The same way Chinamen first inhabited the unoccupied group of islands that is later known as Japland. So that means, you're a Chinaman, which makes sense because you guys all look alike anyway lol.
most hated country HLTV ?
Valve owns (and developed) Half-Life assets. Half-Life assets were used to make CS, the same way Warcraft 3 spawned Dota. So essentially, Gaben invented CS. Get your facts straight first before making...
most hated country HLTV ?
Germans didn't invent the car actually, Americans did. Sorry kid.
Envy vs Vexed
Event: Dreamhack Winter Format Best of 3 Odds: EnvyUs 95% - Luminosity 5% Score: EnvyUs 0 - Luminosity 2 Max-Bettor butthurt level: 100% Crying kid idiocy level: 100% Throw Accuser level: 100%
No more Thorin or Richard Lewis
the fact that you took the bait quite easily shows your very young age xD
says the kid too disappointed in his shitty country that he needed to hide it. lol rekt.
Richard Lewis vs Loda video
screamer + keylogger + digitally-transmitted ebola. don't click, report instead.
most underrated players
I know KennyS is far from being "underrated" but his non-awp plays are though. Most people give his rifling far less praise than it deserves, which is sad because KennyS is simply an all-around GOD pl...
most underrated players
englando saying this. b please.
console peasant
ur favorite asian team
sorry i don't think about dicks like that. i'm straight, unlike someone in here... lol rekt
ur favorite asian team
Asians are sooo cuuuuute. With their small eyes and funny accents :D
Which country should host a csgo major in 2016 - POLL
Screamer + keylogger + digitally-transmitted ebola + FBI surveillance virus. Don't click.