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well im global too since like last december so it didnt really bother me until now that i saw that my friend has higher fps with shittier pc :d
nop, dont have one
did i say that amd>intel ? i said that its a good cheap alternative, ofc if you are getting a high end pc then you are going to use intel
pretty much only skype, steam and sometimes chrome, which i turn off and it gives me a few fps boost
i know its pretty crappy but my friend has the same computer except for a worse gpu 260x, and he gets 120-200fps on 10x10
How to improve my ENNglish
nope, you cant learn it if the video is in your native language and you have foreign language subs, or the other way around, you have to have ENGLISH audio and ENGLISH subs in order to learn the langa...
How to improve my ENNglish
if you know basics just start watching everything with english subs and reading news etc, pretty easy to improve when you have a good base
typical blind braindead intel fanboy or baiter you know not everyone is living in sweden and getting 5k/month euros so amd is a good cheaper alternative to intel
Most Sexual Player Name
I want someone who i could be a fan of and he would fit my name :/
Would you rather?
Have a baby with my sister, because why not, i've already raped her twice.
adreN best smile?
lol, 10/10 , would molest
Save Schneider
He should join Luminosity so the flag would change to swedish Kappa
Luminosity vs Tempo Storm
devilwalk makes every team worse lol fnatic property now lg
lol, my grandma looks younger