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Scientific who believe in God
well i was born were i was born so i was raised believing in this specific god and it could not possibly be the wrong god. even tho i would obviously believe in another god if i had been born somewher...
Scientific who believe in God
My Transformation
man my muscles are like 10times as big id slap the shit out of u boy
i heard ppl there are pretty close to some god so im not looking into it and asuming it must be a wonderful place =)
Weed in your Country?
its hard for us cool ppl now that nerds are finally starting to smoke weed we gotta move on to coke n meth
Best Players of 2014
flusha is the best cause everyone thinks he cheats. hes that damn good! hes so good that people who wanted to be like him started feeling that they will never be able to become even close too what he ...
Best Players of 2014
Fifflaren obviously.. delete thread waste of time
sword arts is virgin anime.. all that show is about is the main guy and every girl he encounters falls inlove with him, including his sister. also 90% of the ppl he gets to know are girls lol.. go get...
Nearly at 1000 followers in 5 days! Help them out!
this guy is fkin awesome he does such good things for eveveryone around him please send me ops i mean him some donations "writes down bank number"
Pro resolution list?
ppl always going to do that lol its like ppl wanting same mouse or mousepad whatevs so they can be as pro
Can we talk about steel for a sec
dosnt matter if shes good looking or not... its a real life female dont u guys get it? jesus..
Its who you know, not what you know
ldlc getting another chance after they already lost it?
flusha #busted
hes not a cheater this is getting old just say it like it really is ur jealous of his talent and success
This is so unprofessional !
o no fnatic actually spent alot of their time learning stuff about maps and they didnt let u know =((( that hurts man maybe they should announce all their other strats that they work hard for aswell w...
This is so unprofessional !
if u do it u get a warning first did they get a warning?