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Koosta hacker?
if he is unknown doesn't mean he's not talented
my pornhub videos
just because your geographical knowledge extends as far as your backyard doesn't mean his country ( idk what it is need to check wiki) doesn't exist
s1mple rekt stewi2k on 170ping
nt zboub
sweden best country?
you're a great friend A liar just like me trying to trick people as I pretend to be a nice guy while I rape goats and german women secretly :ddd maan, the muslim jokes are so fun :d I love islam i...
sweden best country? but hey man I just found out that there are more somalis in canada than sweden
sweden best country?
nah but not a race, but still it's kinda racist idk man
sweden best country?
As much as I hate to admit it but it's true Only the middle eastern bigoted muslims went there to rape and screw up everything hopefully that doesn't make all muslims look bad cheers
sweden best country?
wooho I like it, youtube link please So I can subscribe/share
sweden best country?
it's not racism if you hate a religion but a Religious discrimination which is also as bad as racism
sweden best country?
hey thanks man
sweden best country?
hey bro i'm muslim I promise i won't blow you up can we be friends :( ?
Viva Algeria vs Generation Digital
He is not swearing man! Hail zboub
Viva Algeria vs Generation Digital
ez zboub
I'm disabled AMA V 2.0
Is it curable? hopefully it is and stay strong my friend, may god bless you with a happy life
r8 this grill
keylogger lost my virginity