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Really? I don't know a single Danish company. Socialism is a terrible and evil system which only benefits the lazy. You'll realise that once you get your first job.
Swedistan right now
Nt Stubb
Jonty Jokes
muslim ban
Can confirm
California wtf???
No fucking shit. "under limited circumstances"
California wtf???
Well actually... "The bill would authorize the minor to be taken into temporary custody under limited circumstances"
California wtf???
But the Huffington Post and Clinton News Network are good sources? LA Times also posted a similar article...
California wtf???
Cuck :D
California wtf???
I agree it's a good thing that they can come forward without facing charges, but the way the US court system is designed, they rarely would previously. My point was that the amount of prostitutes m...
California wtf???
Typical liberal cuck. Run away after you lose an argument.
California wtf???
You're very ignorant if you assume that prostitution only exists because of pimps. On the grounds of the point you just made, their lives just got a whole lot more insecure and dangerous.
California wtf???
You don't think the amount of underage prostitutes will increse now, when they have nothing to fear? "The bill would authorize the minor to be taken into temporary custody under limited circumst...
California wtf???
It will happen now, since they have nothing to fear.
California wtf???
Thatvs besides the point that it is now okay if you do it on your own.
California wtf???
It just says that the act of buying is illegal. But the point was that you're allowed to sell.