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Top 3 Real Madrid players of the century
Steve Mcmanaman nuff said
LAN in Israel
What do you think how much i have to do with my 29 years with the ww2 ?
LAN in Israel
You take everything from them. Land, Home, Property and last but not least their lives. And you not even admit it ....
Happy using supex0
Happy already have a Vacban! So once a cheater always a cheater!
Germany the strongest country of all time?
Ok let me tell you this. I am no nazi or racist i am half indonesian and half german. But i have to admit that the german and the russian Soldiers were born Soldiers, war was their life, and you cant...
Is my age that shocking?
Hey, iam 29 y/o getting 30 this year, feels like a whole lifetime gaming since c64 atari. Played first time cs in age of 15 / year 2001. I am still relative good playing atm Eagle Master but soloq...
RpkTank.. need help
RPK was good in the beginning on cs:go. BUT compare now csgo to then, its completly differnt game. It will be difficult for him, i see him struggle a lot!
How many fps will i get ...
thats true the R9 280 is pretty good for the price yeah, my last amd cpu was the amd phenom x4 965 i think, after that i had only Intel i5. but now i am low on money, and i hope that the next ge...
How many fps will i get ...
you got a point, but you cant compare your system with the one of mine. i got a low cpu and a midrange gpu, and i just wonder if someone on hltv got maybe a similar setup.
How many fps will i get ...
good to hear! i dont need 500+ to make some frags ;>
How many fps will i get ...
that would be a dream
How many fps will i get ...
really ? do you got the same cpu ?
How many fps will i get ...
yeah i know but its cheap, and amd announced that they will bring out strong gaming APU in 1Q 2015. so can i play cs:go with ok fps with it? any fps above 200 is perfect ps. the ssd is one of...
new train
its funny that volvo thinks they got an good idea, but actually its much worst train version that we will ever play on. the best cs:go train version is that one from volcano
How many fps will i get ...
i would play 1024x768 on medium settings