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s1mple out of NaVi
lol? ceh9 is shit at csgo, that is fact i hate deluded 1.6 fangays
happy fapping
codi bryant
lol rightists just stay at home, hide and complain that people are taking over, the real cucks
s1mple out of NaVi
you cant have world class players around s1mple, because he wont perform good you need him in teams like worst players and liquid for him to be at his best
G2 vs IMT
hen1 will rek kenny as usual when they face
coldzera, niko > s1mple
s1mple ruined Na'Vi
SK vs Astralis
felps has balls of steel
FaZe vs G2
The previous G2 line up became much better when Ex6 was kicked, ScreaM was unleashed when shox became IGL and then shox was still great himself, not to mention RpK is looking really good these days, a...
FaZe vs G2
-apEX -NBK +ScreaM +RpK and then you have the roster that they should have got in the first place
best player in HISTOY
"There is no cs:s or cs:go noob who can come anywhere near the elite level of the 1.6 legends." shows how deluded you are. 1.6 was a much easier game. Look at these stats:
best player in HISTOY
deluded 1.6 fangays strike again! markeloff neo are shit, please stop getting hard ons over nostalgia, they used to be good in a different game, that doesnt make them the best in history of CS.
best player in HISTOY
flusha is shit, cheated half his career, and now he sucks bye
best player in HISTOY
best player in HISTOY
try moving your toes when sleep paralysis hits you, might take a bit of work but it'll snap you out of it.