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If IBP were unbanned.
CS is a shit and dying game, but no way is Dota less dead than CS. Dota Major today had 30 k viewers, while washed up summit gets 90k playing a ESEA main match LOL
SK Lucky
Did you reply to the wrong comment or are you blind or retarded? But he literally says "No other team will ever repeat that. Greatest team in the history of the game, live with it." And I countered h...
SK Lucky
Uhhhh fnatic were the first to win two majors in a row. Plus they are the only team to have 3 major wins. SK is a great team but no way are they the best team ever, that title belongs to fnatic.
most beautiful girl u seen? (period famous or non-famous)
God bless your kind soul
Just kill your dad so he doesn't beat your ass. Jk Idk just man up and tell him I guess, how long can you lie to him for?
most beautiful girl u seen? (period famous or non-famous)
What the.... you can't just say found it and not tell us. Name? LOL
First of all, you hit someone else's car and ran LOL maybe it's not a big deal in Germany but if you did that in US and get caught, you're going to jail or paying a HUGE ticket. Secondly it's more of ...
LOL +1 biggest pussy in all of sports
Elige vs Stewie2k
+1 elige right now is a monster on lan. On the other hand I would say Stewie has the higher skill ceiling and if I could only pick one of them to be on my team I would probably go with stewie.
aizy to dignitas
LOL +1
coldzera or shox?
I think the only way I could determine who is better is by seeing who would be better off if their roles were to be switched. As in, if shox were to take cold's spot on SK and cold takes shox's spot o...
+1000 Hes basically stewie2k but actually talented.
Liquid vs fnatic
i think apex when hes on fire could be the best entry in the world, but just an opinion. and i was think olof doesnt really support but you cant make a dream team without having the best player in the...
best team without language barriers for me is: Guardian: AWP Fallen: IGL, and if you want you could also call him a secondary awper because LG right now run so many double awp setups Apex/Niko: E...