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chrisJ ace is OVERRATED and thats why
agreed, a dude makes a sick ace and ppl love it, idk how that is a bad thing xD
mousesports vs Liquid
Well thats what u get when a tier 3 is vs tier 1 team
New pc
Aight thx il just upgrade later if needed. I didnt even mean to get new pc. Had a i5 4690k but IT ran on 100celsius for 2 years and cs FPS was 50 stuttering. Ended up replacing cooler and paste but th...
New pc
And i only paid 200 euro for the GTX 1060 3gb so that's nog even expensive for here normal price is 245
New pc
Aight thanks guys. I going to keep the gpu and upgrade IT later if needed. Seems like better choice. Would be a drag to swap it. Should have looked into it better. But the 3gb gpu was in top 3 gpus o...
New pc
Im that boring dude playing runescape till 2014-15 and cs from 2005 til now. XD
New pc
Okay il keep IT. Pretty sure i wont change games next 2 years
Ballon d'Or 2018
C Ronaldo has less time in game, messi 98mins/goal and ronaldo 92mins/goal
USA shooting
Omfg bann video games already! Children learn these things from it and take the gun and shoot family and class mates.. All the fault of video games this is the proof.. Not guns.. what do guns have to ...
Shox team(proof)
forgot to add https://www.hltv.org/forums/threads/1722791/shox-teamproof
Shox team(proof)
forgot to add it rofl https://www.hltv.org/forums/threads/1722791/shox-teamproof
emilia with NiKo after Katowice?
emilia with NiKo after Katowice?
fake NiKo
emilia with NiKo after Katowice?
lets hope
Devve vs NIKO vs S1mple vs COLD
And Autimatic is up there too i guess