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#FreeFancy1 #FreeAttacker
somebody is back on TyLoo, honestly they can't afford to lose him. He and fancy1 are the 2 brightest young talents in China
WESG isn't easy lul
yum yum
Fnx is comming
wow brazillian travelling on plane. never knew such things happen must be top 0.0001 % FNX status in Brazil
WESG idiots?
Favela complaining about WESG just makes me laugh so hard. Firstly try to get that money to pay teams then talk.
Tyloo is going to change 3players
don't have the time to look for his profile, he changes names too often this is tyloo group and he is no longer in it
GODSENT vs Bravado
where are the black players? This is Sweden vs South Africa afterall
DarkPassage vs QuetzaL
ez for SecretAgent and K1nky from mexico
Tyloo is going to change 3players
Attacker removed from TyLoo steam group. Guess we all know who is the biggest shitter behind all this trouble on TyLoo ;)
Selfless vs TYLOO
somebody is back in the lineup. TyLoo will win bottle one of the best fraggers in China and HZ already played with 3 TyLoo guys on Team China
LAn dodging
lol Americans biggest pussy again? from the screenshots he was scared of playing top teams TyLoo beat SK(Major champs) and Liquid (major semifinalists) on their FIRST LAN in EU/NA.
just tell your dad you used his car to fetch a hot grill just dont tell him youre actually gay though
Pro Players with the most Annoying faces
Optic Rush
Who will win major?
tyloo wins major like chinese team wins dota 2
of course Chinese teams are richest, owned by Chinese billionaires or millionaires