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It's the same. Just feels different. Dont change sens or m_yaw. Will just fuck your aim up.
How to be consistent in CS:GO?
Well actually you have a point. Hes working at the same time each day.Waking up at he same time usually, gets home and takes a nap. Then plays cs. My work hours are always different almost since we ar...
How to be consistent in CS:GO?
This fits me perfectly. Im around the same level as you but im really inconsistant. My brother is exactly the same level but he's way more consistant. Im very emotional in game and my level seem to lo...
Never doubt the king
Tilts me so hard that you change weapon everytime you kill a bot. Holy shit.
why SK dont won ESL NY?
Recommend me gear please
I have had a lot of gear. The best mousepads ive used are Zowie g-sr and razer goliathus speed. The goliathus is much faster. I didnt like the QCKs too well. I have had the logitech g430 and i current...
Razer Surface Calibration
No your aim will still be bad buddy sorry.
Pro Resoultion
Search google and you will get the answer at least a thousand times..
Has XPC been shady about matchfixing before?
So what i've they made a comeback? Have you never seen anyone lead with 10 rounds or something and then lose? happens often. Sorry for you skins though.
best player in the world?
Pretty useless movement and crosshairplacement
I want to die
Fuck off shit wanker. I hope you get but fucked for making this shit bait thread. /reported
Xantares streaming !
s1mple new team
This post just gave me aids.
Your Warmup?
yes that's the one i would suggest.