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What is love?
Love = respect , trust, support and kinky sex.
MIBR strats leaked
hahaha , sorry but i laughed
this guy fucked your girl friend, what do u do?
i slap the bitch and make fun of them
Reality about jobs
Well said
IF this happens RIP CS And HLTV
I rate ur 3 fav rap songs
Not my best but some of the newest shit i like
[18+] Is she perfect?
She is not pretty but then again not many of the girls looking pretty are. Are abusing filters, makeup and taking 1000 photos to choose a single one. So .. i dont know. I dont think with long hair is ...
[18+] Is she perfect?
Well is a 6/10 but if shes a nice girl and smiley and has good heart many times a 6/10 can easily transform to a 7 or 8 with their personality and how they talking/walking/sex appeal etc
Tell me the bes BAD JOKE you got
A man goes to the doctor for his annual check-up, and the doctor tells him, "You need to stop masturbating." The man asks, "Why?" The doctor replies, "Because I'm trying to examine you"
Countries you respect
GREECE : for democracy and their amazing islands for summer vacations NORWAY : Because norway gov cares alot about people who living there / Quality of life CANADA : Same as Norway AUSTRALIA : For he...
Turkey must be eradicated
You all go learn history, not from turkish media and shit like that. Use internet and learn. You all are in a serious propaganda and brainwashing process. Noone was Turkish enemy, noone from west want...
Turkey must be eradicated
Hahahahahhahaahahha ! Never ? Were you living under a rock the last decade or two ? Oh wait, maybe you were 2 years old back then.
G2 will comeback
With smithhz and those kind of players ? Dream on. They might do good left and right in lesser tournaments but dont expect anything great.
Pls kennyS, just leave G2
If he doesnt care to achieve greatness, its up to him. I respect whatever the decision is but he shouldnt be frustrated then with bad results.
Pls kennyS, just leave G2
The issue with KennyS is that he could never step up as individual and im not talking as a player. He is awesome. Im talking as a person. He has those traits that he needs to change if he wants to wi...