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Congrats HLTV ("__")
actually most of them are americans 2nd place polaks and 3rd place are indians ("__")
Congrats HLTV ("__")
only a few of them want to kill me thats nice ("__")
Where is Waldo (read nV)?
hey kios dad died and im sure that has a lot to do with it. They probably figured its time to take it not so serious for a while + ScreaM stand in etc. ("__")
last time i got a 3k in pistol and some american on a EU Server teamkilled me and screamed MVP into the mic while defusing the bomb he also had 150 ping and played with his 3 burger eating friends....
epic death threat m8
yes you can tell him to give it to a friend at TI5 ("__")
#73 ("__")
Patriotism = shit
and you are a psychopath who is obsessed with me ("__")
Patriotism = shit
i wouldnt call myself that and most germans most certainly wouldnt call me german either ("__")
Patriotism = shit
"my country" well thats a concept unknown to me personally. ("__")
Patriotism = shit
who says i am fake flagging? ("__")
Patriotism = shit
+1 ("__")
How much?
but theres nothing i can spent my money on ("__") no apartments to buy etc. Its kinda dumb imo.
How much?
mmh yeah maybe i do it. I still have some Lester Missions left for example but i dont really see a point since money seems so fucking useless in Story Mode. I mean seriously. What do i even buy or ...
How much?
57 Hrs - Steam i played through story mode but not 100% cause who is that autistic and im like level 22 or so online ("__") havent played since i finished the 3rd Heist ("__")
epic death threat m8
thats very nice of you NAVIORGANIZATION ("__") can i get an Autograph from XBOCT? He is one of my favorite Carries ("__")