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how old did you start playing cs?
Started at 19, turning 25 this year.
best kd and most kills in MM?
40-17 (I am extremely passive player, always back off after 2-3 kills and never hunt even in 5v1s) (52-13 when smurfing, but that doesn't count)
Hello in your language
Faceit cancers
Yea... Anyway, you asked for suggestions, so here we go: -Never rage or mock your team mates. Everyone is going to make mistakes, whiff shots and do stupid plays every now and then. Keep up a good at...
Faceit cancers
Gotta be honest with you, by commenting nothing else but "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" you are merely embarrasing yourself... What is it that you found funny? I often play with lower elo friends who are like 2,2-2...
Faceit cancers
My point EXACTLY, anyone can carry their weight with the AWP in pugs...
Faceit cancers
1,21 kd, 39% hs says it all :D
ENCE vs Vega Squadron
Gotta agree with you. Not by brute force though, but by clever tactics.
CS:GO IGL: Top 10 of All Time
IMO (INPO): Top 5: Karrigan, FalleN, Pronax, gla1ve, Zeus Honorable mentions: Pronax, Ex6TenZ, seang@res, Xizt, B1ad3, ANGE1
nt sunny thread
nt suNny!
what was your first rank?
That time included watching demos/friends play, deathmatch, random community servers and retake servers. I never afk.
I always hear it "Vad fan är det här?" which means "What the f**k is this?" but I am not a Swede.
your dreamteam
NiKo suNny rain allu karrigan
PC for CS
Budget? OK?
how old is too old to live w/ parents?