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black friday
You can find some good deals tho , but yeah the people that kill themselves to save 10$ in something they don't even need are stupid.
I can fix your nickname!
Can't fix what ain't broken
living in germany
how dark does my skin color need to be so I dont get convicted of rape ?
if france won
Your loss.
HLTV forum threads update
Why would they do that in a perfectly friendly website where all users are nice?
HLTV forum threads update
Your idea is not approved, now log off this website and go outside
HLTV forum threads update
Where would they possibly add that space? I think it is good how it is, balanced, as all things should be.
if france won
Give me your address, I'll visit you tonight in your sleep (;
if france won
perfectly balanced, as all things should be
if france won
Yes there are, somewhere around tier 500
HLTV forum threads update
You can already see the thread author in the forum page - But int he side bar I don't think there is space for that, only if they putted it in a tooltip, but I...
LMAO FACEIT 256 tick servers (30$ a month ) ?!?!?
g8Q0wHY .... Dead meme And learn how to post fucking links
if france won
Portugal won the Euros, so they should have won a cs major that year by this logic.
Question for Jonty
You didn't enjoy it because you were pressured into it, you should really try it again with someone you are comfortable with and don't let your thoughts overwhelm you, it won't be perfect, but trust ...
Question for Jonty
Why do you dislike sex ? It is known that the first time isn't the greatest, and with time and practice it get's more joyful.