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Millions of death stated by who? Solzhenicin? YOu also has to divide innocent casualties (of course there were, even in USA right now innocent people are getting shot by police accidentally) and crimi...
Yeah, German communists, German jews etc were never killed by nazi regime, lul. And "holodomor" is a consequnese of a 1st world war, revolution, bad harvesting conditions etc, russians were starving t...
Russian Forces vs Donut Galaxy
ask about russia
You still need to attend driving school and complete it, but you can buy the final exam. It sounds like shit, but they usually make it so hard, that if you haven't payed you likely won't pass it. Only...
Endpoint vs HAVU
finally a chance for tonyblack to prove himself in foreign squad!
Liquid vs Vega Squadron
well, Liquid are not playing with their coach at the moment.
Best ww2 army
idk if dat's a bait, I am talking about western border obviously. Also actually there was also a Japan on the east side.
Best ww2 army
USSR had superior vehicles at the beginning of WW2 in compare to Germany. The thing is Soviet forces were spread out on the whole border, while Germans used the right tactics of cummulative strikes, a...
That's because if they qualify to the Major and won't get visas at THAT point it would be much worse. Same with CIS.
Epsilon vs Nordavind
nope, they already got killed by Norway
Yeah, unexpected xD Thx, mate
Valve pls !!!
lol, everyone just want to see more teams from their region, that's it. You have no arguments for this just personal feelings. They spread spots like that to have more viewers from all around the worl...
Good music rating with explaination
Thank you for your effort :)
Good music rating with explaination wouldbe nice if you listene through the whole thing
Gambit vs Immortals
What a great game