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hahah +1 worse than islamshit
Dear Germany
u should care cuz EU is USA's dog eu always follows usa's steps
Turkey - Syria Predictions
yeah im not manipulated cuz i have brain . i can read all of info
kurds solution 200iq
sounds good i hope your president read your commend :) but . kz arent turkish ? or assimilated ruskies??
kurds solution 200iq
they would want land from your country as u see PKK YPG terorist groups :) it would be tough
kurds solution 200iq
%60 kurdish are uneducated :)
kurds solution 200iq
it would be good for me as kurdish :D
Turkey - Syria Predictions
your government(means EU ) and usa has created isis and supporting other terorist group against isis isnt weird?
Turkey - Syria Predictions
i remember one guy sold his country .. xd
my dog baits better
Turkey - Syria Predictions
so pkk and ypg arent terorist groups ? okay xd
Turkey - Syria Predictions
terorist fighting against terorists. there are 15 million kurd in turkey u know it ? nope cuz u are manipulating by media
Turkey - Syria Predictions
manipulated german by media :/ your government sold guns to ypg , pkk etc .. but its not your fault .
Turkey - Syria Predictions
i know everyone hates erdogan . half of us hates him .. but its not about erdogan its border security , turkey has to remove terorists. so rip your terrorist allies :/
Turkey - Syria Predictions
stop watching war movies :D u know russian wont do anything against turkey so turkey can ez win against syria and terrorists