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1.6'ers retirements incoming?
bedises..natu is in his 30's an hes still here.
1.6'ers retirements incoming?
well if in DM he can awp like in 1.6 when he was a top 3 awper in pro games if he had the opotunity he could do the exact same but hes in a team with 2 world class awpers, but if he had an awp he coul...
problem with girl
send nudes.
1.6'ers retirements incoming?
taz and neo have a 2 year contract on VP, Edward wont leave navi unless hes kicked due to them being a constant semi finalist at every major so that's his income, same with zeus, forest wont retire un...
NiP vs fnatic
fnatic lost to bloody NaVi on a map where in dreamhack they steamrolled everyone except envy (was LDLC).............. they then lost to nip on inferno, but bo5 means bans will probably be overpass ...
WTF are this crowd is
best crowd ever, way better than dreamhack crowds. then again all the twitch people saw some girls and got excited as usual.
its taz hes the troll master and all trolls are strong ^.^
Your best score in game?
if u mean score then 98 - I can give a ss link with my acc if u mean kills etc then 36-7-17
its just yolo.
GTR full potential
fnatic and Envy and nip and VP Flusha < kio > GTR > snax Pronax > happy < Xizt <taz krimz > shox <> forest <> byali olof < NBK > friberg > Neo jw < smiths > ...
Envy vs NiP
inbefor VP vs nip
CS worst community ever?
worst is Russian pricks who wont talk English on an EU server when every other country will talk somewhat basic English they just spam axaxxaxaxaxax
Natus Vincere vs TSM
-flamia + worldedit -Zeus +blad3 worldedit blad3 guardian Edward seized top 5 team.
who is the guy next to thorin and sadokist?
its pashas interview friend, no its the dreamhack and ESL presentor thing what ever you call it because redeye stepped down
GTR full potential
Get right when hes on his form (like in major finals) or if you look back to cologne finals is by far the best player in the world, but when hes not at his potention (even underperforming on xizt who ...