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Your nickname in school?
"I know English better than English teacher.", "Every girl is saying "your watch is so beautiful". Damn. The teachers in your country has to be pretty shit then, considering that you type in broken e...
Swedes hate me :(
The average swede on the internet is cocky and full of shit, sadly (i wont exclude myself)
Astralis the GOAT
Flawed logic dude... I get the reasoning, but Astralis has the power to make the other team look "bad". Maybe it isn't that competitive atm, but the overall skill-level is higher than it was maybe 3 y...
AOC - tax 70%
Do you think it's fair to be disabled in the first case? What if someone is born with a disability? I'm not really disagreeing with you argument overall, but your thinking is really biased right now. ...
Hmm, it's almost as if gla1ve, dupreeh, xyp9x and Device all have different roles...
The least Age?
+1 totally agree
If the brazilian crowd will cheer during the final, then they might count as a good crowd
A crowd can only be deemed good if they also cheer actively when the team from the same country (that the event is in are playing in) doesnt play.
(18+) trumps daughter on your bed naked
And you wont get any presents from joulupukki 😎
(18+) trumps daughter on your bed naked
Yes FBI, this guy right here.
Greta Thunberg nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Yes, but without huge deviation from what could be considered "normal variation". It's been like this for a long time already, yet people always exaggerate and say shit like "we only have 50 more year...
Doesnt matter if he loves the game. He clearly isnt even a top 50 player
ESL hacked?
Best anime after Naruto?
Naruto is barely top 100 mate.
I think death note is pretty good, maybe a 7 or 8/10, but i fully agree with your other recommendations