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best investing sites Top 2 investor of the year Cathie Wood - called Tesla in 2015 and Bitcoin around the same time Free research. Great podcasts. ETFs. Theres a YouTube channel that does videos only abou...
Joe rogan speaks truth!
Ah that is beautiful Now he just has to explain why love is the answer and why the coming of the digital age, bitcoin and distributed ledger technology, will save us from ourselves. Bitcoin "the trus...
I have not been watching enough to be able to judge and kinda dont care online just ruined everything for me, as an early era Quake player its just night and day when its LAN its just a completely dif...
F1 has been shit
Even those dont have my attention sadly, is Marquez back ? hows lil bros progress, still too early to tell? Devil going to get the crown this year ?
F1 has been shit
I haven't even been watching F1 really, same with UFC man no crowd ruins it partly and then being too busy with DeFi .. its just a win win for me to ignore the shit for now
@snoubby dont worry the mighty argument will continue and all the rubbish and unproductive crap that comes out of this whole effort out of peoples lives will end up teaching them in the end. I try, bu...
Vitality vs BIG
EZ clap Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals. Well done mr gob and the tabsens
Dev1ce is right
When the facts have been stated in a clear and easy way to understand the fundamentals involved and people keep having the same stupid argument, well like I said dont get me started. FUNDAMENTALS ARE ...
Dev1ce is right
Never have for sure no cheating ? wrong. The admins ability to secure the network against cheaters is so powerful you clearly have no idea and should STFU kindly. LAN is *CAPABLE* of being completel...
He started out in Quake, Quake 2 scenes. You can learn more about this ancient period of esports from his "reflections" series He knows more than anyone else and is the most entitled to the position ...
Oh cool this guy, remember seeing him around. ggwp