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NEOSURF 1.3 euro free for Spain mens
Find something for 1.30 euro or less that takes neosurf and use it xD from any country Spain users can add it to myNeosurf or transfer balance onto any other card bought in Spain
Can 100T beat Ast?
Lets go 3-0 boyo
Can 100T beat Ast?
Can ? stranger things have happened % chance ? not high in the bo5 etc but ON THE DAY fuck yes of course we can.. lets go boys !!!
"Astralis #1"
"era" has to mean certain exact thing bla bla bla whatever guys haha they were the best easily smashing everyone for ages took a break and came back not at their best (wow shock) but won major anyway...
"Astralis #1"
Everyone knows whos the fkn best they spank the shit out of faze like that its like hi guys yes now we did the grind we back not just major winning form but spank ANY OF YOU form. Hi we back.
there is no number 1 right now
Yes gabe we know but you wouldnt really say we at valve unless you add me and prove its you.
can't launch CS GO
mens you have to be good and start game and then KILL EVERYONE BRO no need for PUSSY FLASHES ok BRO
Astralis 32-2
GOAT team indeed, see when you take a break you take a while to come back to your best And having bestplayers or best teamplayers is obvious choice
C0-16dzera oh god LOL
ZywOo's Birthday
His bday present ? RPK could be coming back to that streak he promised previously Remember he got influenza looked like he might die and went off form ? but before that... geez he was looking like t...
ZywOo's Birthday
sick as ayyy lol happy birthday kid lookin good
ZywOo's Birthday
Is it ? they said on some broadcast the first cs version mod was uploaded or released on his bday ? like it was born on same day as him, prodigy omg etc pls research i cbf xD easy to do
Vitality vs 100 Thieves
Evil Geniuses vs FaZe
wotimiss dont lie pog xD
Ence v 100thieves
Its like they took 20 steps back not 1 or 2 to go forward again lol