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Denmark #1 cs region NO DOUBT
yeah i can see and understand that, but i don't think it's fair calling this era "boring fall of csgo era" everything has something interesting for someone, sadly this one isn't so much for you, but m...
Denmark #1 cs region NO DOUBT
yyyno. never was a fan of astralis but this "boring" hate is literally ONLY because they are the best team to ever play CSGO. their teamwork, their supporting nades, their positioning and correct rota...
Most depressing countries
it was a joke, but burgers to sound nice right about now.
Most depressing countries
so either american or north korean :P
shox or xyp9x
ofc it was, rockstar games are overrated, just made for the masses of casual "0 thinking just pewpew" players :)
USA protesters
you kidding me right? we had a similar situation in Slovenia, and we a poor as fuck country with super retarded politicans that randomly increase THEIR wages in time of a crisis. yet most companies we...
USA protesters
he has literally been correct in every single of his comments. pretty sure everyone NOT from US will agree with him too. which says a lot how "amazing" your country is...
That's not really fair tbh. I'm nor a fan of Astralis but I understand they pretty much reinvented CSGO at their peak. Also, because they are still around top1, they obviously have most fans due to lo...
11-12th place decider
yeah, might mean less complications when it comes to the end rankings - like quacke nicely pointed out. or literally those 100 points are JUST what Fnatic would need to get enough, or vice-versa for M...
Dignitas vs NiP
lol NIP did so much shady shit and had so little to offer these players in their prime, compared to what other orgs did for their players. i'm just sad these guys didn't leave NIP sooner when they wer...
I never said i'm against it. I really couldn't care about people spying on me, I have 0 to hide and I'm not paranoid or a conspiracy nuttjob. But most people probably care about this stuff, and such w...
I'm sure that's why that never happened before in LOL, right ;)
Valorant AC will be used by Tencent to spy on people and send information to Chinese government* fixed it for you :P no need for 3rd party to exploit this AC since the company does just fine already
Valorant-CSGO Thoughts
after tencent and RIOT wasted their own money in it, and buttslapped females. in turn, valve just had to release "books" people happily spent money on and added prize money pretty much crowd-funded. s...