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Which football club do you support?
Manchester United, 4th generation. great granddad-granddad-mom-me :)
Strategy games?
if you're a casual/strategy scrub; aoe3, CIVs, a C&C game. Total war counts here as well (my fav is warhammer one). if you're hardcore and like planning and want to feel like a real empire: go for an...
WHat type of girls you guys like?
my ex gf who broke up with me yday. at least for now. in the future, who knows
Non- Danish Astralis fans
I would assume a lot, even some danish fans, are on the Astralis number 1 bandwagon now that they're at the top. it happens in every competition/sport ever, sadly. I'll still support NIP through good ...
Gla1ve lucker
I think you mean "why are you investigating only me and not the other 50 humans who also saw her on the day/time of day she went missing" ;)
The 15 best footballers OF ALL TIME
and that is the reason i would choose CR. if you go to a kid and say "messi has talent" you can't really teach that can you? the kid can just go "damn i don't have that :/ " and not improve. but if yo...
I am going to war :(
When is your birthday
hello twin :)
-karrigan +who?
styko ;)
ugh..... victories???? get some land that most of the people in it were Slovenian anyway. Probably killed a dozen or so nazis/fascists in WW2 WHILE being occupied :P
9 to 5 jobs
Work 6-15 one week and 15-23 the other. + saturdays and sundays 12h occasionally. not that fun but have to get money somehow
Everybody hates KRIMZ
and Taz 89
Legacy vs Dynasty
Yeah true you're right, but i barely have time to watch big tournies let alone small ones :(
Legacy vs Dynasty
Aussies/Kiwis, you follow this scene more, are there any good upcoming teams that can potentialy surprise tier 1 opposition or are they all still pretty bad? Maybe in the future? :)
Is being an Astralis fan boring?
Maybe what he meant is that they need at least another 2 weeks to comprehend how Astralis are playing to not get rekt by them when it matters most? This is terrible from TL :|