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Best music album of 2016??
just a shame about the emo kids at live events tbh
Best music album of 2016??
their self titled album is probably my favourite, but nothing is terrible in their discography (so far)
Best music album of 2016??
sorceress - Opeth the last stand - Sabaton the stage - a7x (I know, awful fanbase but good album) (and of course dystopia and hardwired... to self destruct)
I can't deny that the first 5 metallica albums are some of the absolute best metal albums, justice is so underrated. But yeah like you say, taste. I love all of maidens discography so much that I coul...
that recording of remember tomorrow has already appeared on the first 'maiden heaven' kerrang iron maiden cover cd but as the biggest maiden fanboy of all time I have to agree it's brilliant
I honestly love the style they took with htsd but then again I really like death magnetic so I guess i'm irrelevant Iron Maiden can't be fought /close
Country you'd like to live in?
"UK wouldn't be bad" Kappa
british people arent toxic
Depends on where in UK or if you had a cuppa tbh
Grill problem
EnvyUs problem
happy's igl dynamic (bait everyone) has stopped working in the current meta /close
-UK ONLY- A Levels
started my a levels this year too, from what i can tell all the extra work pays off, just i'm a lazy fuck. everyone in my 6th form is working properly hard though
800kg team?
BEST M4A1-S Players
Music Vocals
metal is a very broad genre. whilst i accept savatage and sabbath have different styles, black sabbath is damn near the definition of metal imo anyway love to see people still listen to great music...
Music Vocals
Black sabbath - heaven and hell listen pls