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Dear NIP fans.
Obviously russians don't know how it is to be a true fan to any team in any sport. Toxic russians change their favourite team as they change their underwear. Not often, but still not what a true f...
Jayzwalking clutch
Hehe, me too. :D
Krimz aimlock
Always good fun to see all the kids whining about this and that when they obviously has no clue about professional CSGO.
Make a team
Only NA needs cheat and all NA teams are already out.
your salary
64104.46 US Dollar / 57232.60 Euro according to the reported income from 2015. Working with IT at a multinational corporation.
fnatic won't win Columbus
NiP magic baby!
Smurfs ruining games
There are no smurfs at GE. Get good, problem solved.
what is AMA?
American Murica Alliance. Or, Ask Me Anything.
NiP improvement
They have indeed improved and with a little luck they would have won this game, but then again fnatic really stepped up on the rounds where they needed it the most. 1hp defuse to win the map. That's c...
I don't have a problem with Pansy as a caster, she's actually quite good. The kids just hate her because her voice is more manly than theirs.
Why so many foreigners hate all the russians?
1. Always speaking russian 2. If they by any chance knows any english they use it to insult the others. 3. They never shut up, not even during important clutch situations 4. Never playing for the team...
flusha wtf
Missed the entire spray through smoke. Must be cheating.
ScreaM AWP
HS Machine.
What would you change/add in CS:GO?
If you remove the silencer from the USP and/or M4A1 you remove basically the only advantage these guns have over their counterparts. Really not an improvement in any way, shape or form.