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gla1ve cheating
PS. I can not bear people who write to me - "It is impossible to cheat on lan?" or - "You could stand behind them." Lol le irony
[18+] do u think they the same girl?
Look at her most recent video it’s her
Hltv please help me.
What you think is healthy might not be. 90% of disease stems from the gut sorry doctors
Hltv please help me.
You eat too much sugar LUL rip ur ded
This’ll give Liquid the confidence to win in grand finals. Chokequid no more hello Liquid era USA
I have phimosis?
Just keep trying to stretch your foreskin over your cock little by little and it’ll stretch out. Also do it in the shower cause you’ll find lots of gooey cheese in between your dick sandwich :(
Liquid placed second at the last 10 events. Liquid era anyone?
2nd at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 3rd at ELEAGUE Major 2017 3rd at ECS Season 2 Finals 2nd at IEM Oakland 2016 2nd at ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals 3rd at ELEAGUE Season 2 3rd at EPICENTER...
What device haters don’t understand
Skadoodle also holds angles so he is the best awper
Players with sensitive fanbases
s1mple #0
I find it funny that the top 3 players according to hltv, are all on tier 2 teams. Astralis the only tier 1 team yet none of them except device is even top5. Proving "best players" don't make best tea...
being american
Russia the one to invade Europe? Lol you've already been invaded, you keep yourselves weak xD
this era of cs
And fnatic after picking up twist and playing with him for a week almost beat astralis. Big accomplishment. You say their core 3s ability might not be as good, plus Tarik plays like an idiot so how ca...
this era of cs
It’s not astralis fault they win other teams just suck. Mibr made grand finals and they are still 10x worse than they were before they picked up stew turik. Everyone that says cs has progressed so mu...
Stewie mad with fallen
Players are too beta now. No wonder SK only won 2 majors with alpha chad FNX, after he cucked fer and turned him into girl they haven’t been the same since.